HerBodyElegance in Urban Brides Magazine

The goal of #HerBodyElegance project is to show women that there is no need to be ashamed of their body since every woman is beautiful regardless of her body shape. A woman equals elegance. It's important to spread the idea that boudoir photography is not vulgar. Israeli and world's communities need to understand that boudoir photography is amazing and worth trying.
It was great collaboration with Israeli wedding blog UrbanBridesMag. At first they raised stunning apartment in the center of Tel Aviv and gathered together team of professionals. I'm very thankful to our awesome make-up artist and friendly person Yaara Mordehay. Secondly, for unique project we had unique woman Lillou Shalev , that is not only a good friend of editors, she's also gifted blogger and model.
Atmosphere of the shooting was very warm and friendly. I've seen the vulnerable side of Lillou, but also feel strong energy from her. Boudoir photography is contributing personal empowerment and it has something liberating.

Read about our shooting on Hebrew in UrbanBridesMag here and here. If you want to know about private feelings of Lillou during and after the shooting, please, learn here.
And as a bonus - look photo reportage about our lovely team by Jen Sladkov.