Bridal boudoir for Concept Bride

Have you read "Henna House" by Nomi Eve? If not, you definitely shoud. It's beautifully written story about young woman growing up in Yemen during 1920's and 1930's, about feelings and traditions in local Jews community. My imagination was working always while reading the book. So that's how I started to look for the person who makes Henna tattoos. My research brought me to the instagram of Veronica Lilu @veronicalilu. I was litteraly amazed with delicate works of her as Henna artist and how sensual drawings look on body's lines of her models. Also, I was need to make special work for CONCEPT BRIDE, 'cause this wedding boutique brings fresh ideas into the wedding fashion industry in Ukraine and together we show to brides amusing directions for their special day. The story of "Henna House" brought me into interaction with very curious people and it was my pleassure to shoot Maria Oz @dukhovnoe_litso, cause she has definitelly big eyes for absorbing life expirience and transforming it to her own awesome art. Our bridal boudoir shooting shows light concern and emotions before bride's significant day, 'cause every girl that looks for the wedding dress, also looks for new bracing reflection of herself.

Photographer: Anna Semenova @thesameanna

Model: Maria Oz @dukhovnoe_litso

Hena tattoo: Veronica Krasovska @veronicalilu

Styling: CONCEPT BRIDE @conceptbride

Dresses: Inbal Dror @inbaldror, Charlie Brear @charlie_brear

Muah: KOKO Nail Room @koko_nailroom_